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Our Ambassador Spanish  Mustang, Sarona SMR No. 4178, is a personable, lively, caramel dun colored mare. She was born at Fountainhead Ranch in May of 2013. Her birth was a collaboration between Josie Brislawn of the Cayuse Ranch, granddaughter of the founder of the Spanish Mustang Registry, Bob Brislawn and Sharron Scheikofsky of the Caballos de Destino Spanish Mustangs. The filly was sired by the famous Spanish Mustang stud, I'Kkitsi-peta "Grey Eagle' from the Cayuse in Wyoming. In the Fall of 2012 the dam was transported from Wyoming to Fountainhead Ranch in Bayfield, Wisconsin. She gave birth to sweet Sarona in May the next Spring. Sarona shows traits of a lead mare and is also very affectionate with people. She is also extremely photogenic with her long flaxen mane and currently serves as the cover model for our home page.


SMR NO. 4178

I'Kkitsi - peta


Shadow's Desert Wind


SMR NO. 2302

SMR NO. 3696

Tator Tot


Silver Shadow


Little Pacer




SMR NO. 833

SMR NO. 451

SMR NO. 3324

SMR NO. 2780

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