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Return of
The Horse

Return of the Horse


This film is a scientific and historical documentary chronicling the evolutionary journey of the equine species. Follow the horse as it leaves its native home on the North American continent, and spreads across the changing world. Though the species died off in the country, it was later reintroduced in the 1400’s by the Spanish Conquistadors. Direct descendants of these tough little horses are alive today. Now called Spanish Mustangs, this breed is listed as a “critically rare” American heritage breed with The Livestock Conservancy. Learn about the ecological and cultural impact Spanish Mustangs had and continue to have on the country and its people.


The Documentary Screening is available by appointment. The film runs one hour and is produced by the Spanish Mustang Foundation, based in New Mexico.


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The Spanish Mustang Preserve Inc. was founded in 2014 to provide support to these magnificent animals. Through education and increased awareness we hope to ensure that this rich piece of history will not be lost. Your generous donation will be used in direct support of Spanish Mustangs that are part of the original Spanish Mustang Registry founded in 1957. By donating your efforts will help the Spanish Mustang Preserve feed, provide veterinary care and infrastructure for the horses. You are choosing to take part in saving this historic and beautiful horse for future generations.  


Spanish Mustang Preserve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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